“Bitch, Please” and Other Running Related Thoughts.

Thirty-seven. That's how old I am. I spent most of my life imagining what I would "be like someday," yet I somehow glossed over everything between 35 and 55. I say 35 because I imagined (assumed, really) that I would accomplish everything of consequence by then. Really.         I say 55 because I … Continue reading “Bitch, Please” and Other Running Related Thoughts.

Running Around Washington, D.C.

In running sometimes we struggle and falter, but rarely do we go backwards. Like in life, the clock keeps ticking and we are carried forward relentlessly, thankfully, regretfully... Pick your adverb. Unlike in running, however, in life we sometimes experience moments that harken back to the distant past or usher in the near future. This … Continue reading Running Around Washington, D.C.