I Believe It’s Called Jogging, or Yogging With a Soft “J”

He goes on to say, “Apparently you just run… for an extended period of time. It’s wild.” 

You got that right, Ron. It’s the “extended period of time” part that I’m working on now. This past weekend I started running again, sort of. I wasn’t exactly cleared for running by my physical therapist but, as I was out walking the beach down the Cape (as I am want to do), the impulse to start running crept into my mind. I had earlier that morning run around the side of the house in frantic search of my three-year-old (she was found) and did not fall to the ground in pain. In fact I didn’t realize I’d done it until I’d done it. Motherhood. Go figure.

So, I went for it.

I ran about a mile from the end of West Dennis Beach back to the snack bar at an 11 min/mile pace. My stride was short and I felt like it was the first time I had ever done this Yogging thing, and in many respects it was a first; the first run on my titanium rod and bolts. Of the 4.3 miles that I covered Sunday morning, I gained all of seven feet in elevation. Flat, much? I also ran the last third of a mile finishing at my mom’s driveway. To my great surprise, the Garmin on my wrist reports that my heart rate climbed to 186 during this last stretch. I find this very hard to believe. Still, a healthy dose of caution is in order. My new normal is anything but!

Unlike the week of Fourth of July, when I pushed myself a bit too hard on vacation and paid for it the next week, I did not feel overly stiff or fatigued the next day. So Monday, yesterday, I took trail pup to Whip Hill and we did the 2-mile loop. I mostly, almost entirely, yogged. I walked the steepest and rockiest parts. This was followed by a PT session with the young, beautiful, and highly accomplished Tom and Emma, my PT and his trainee. In terms of youthfulness, attractiveness and fitness – these two are members of the bourgeoisie and I’m the proletariat. Still, they are so smart and helpful. I love them. I would adopt Tom and Emma if they needed homes. If I ever get two puppies at the same time, I plan to name them Tom and Emma. They’re encouraging and supportive. They took the news that I started running “in stride.” I think they were secretly proud of me, like two young parents. Tom says he “doesn’t want to hold me back,” but the key is “gradual” progression. Under their advisement, I am taking today off of running. That, I can handle.

I don’t regret the decision to have the operation, but for a couple of days last month I was doubtful. Recovery is harder than I anticipated. I worried a great deal about the post-op pain. That, I managed quite well. What I underestimated was this long rebuilding and adjustment period. I thought I’d be rearing to go but in truth I am feeling my age, my weight, and all of life’s pressures bearing down on me at once. It’s gotten better this month and I know I’m making real progress toward my goals. In the coming weeks we have a camping trip planned with the kids in the White Mountains and our family vacation to Montana where we will cruise around in an RV, so there is lots to look forward to. Now if only I could get out of this funk that I’ve been in all summer…

Any tips on finding more time during the day? 24 hours is laughable…

How about getting through airport security with permanent metal hardware? Another first of many to look forward to….




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