Running Without Racing

It’s mid-January. There’s no new snow on the ground. Temps are averaging in the low 30s here in Boston. The days are getting longer, slowly. And I have no races on my calendar.

No races. 

For one thing, there are fewer of them this time of year.

Secondly, I just don’t know what the spring will bring!  I may be laid-up, post-op, for 10 weeks. I just don’t know yet. My next appointment with the surgeon is two weeks away. I will have to live with the uncertainty for a little bit longer but one thing is really sinking in…. It’s no fun to pass on all of the tempting race registrations coming my way. Nope, not cool.

Just this morning Tri Friend sent  me a link with the early registration date for a couple spring/summer sprint triathlons in Hyannis, MA. I had all but hit send on a “yay thx!” email response when I stopped, remembered, and hit backspace, backspace, backspace instead.  I have no idea what is in store for me. I can’t sign up for anything. I have to remind myself of the following facts:

I would be lying if I said my left leg doesn’t ache more in the cold weather. It does.

Sometimes after a long run, or a bumpy trail, I can’t sleep on my left side because of the throbbing.

Occasionally, mysteriously, I feel sharp, fleeting twinges of pain in that leg.

So what’s a lady mommy supposed to do? I am eating a lot of Snyder’s honey wheat pretzels. I polished off several coconut macaroons yesterday. Red wine is nice in the winter, don’t you think? Ugh.

Is anyone interested in reading about the good movies I’ve seen lately? “Manchester By The Sea”? I thought about it so much that I went back and watched it a second time. “Certain Women” with Kirsten Stewart, Laura Dern, and Michelle Williams? This one called to me because (a) it’s beautifully shot in Montana, land of my in-laws and (b) the author is Maile Meloy. I love her. This is another interesting effort on the part of a filmmaker to create as close an approximation of real life as I’ve ever seen on screen. “Manchester By The Sea”, though. Wow. Real life heartbreak. I have to tell myself those people don’t exist. Lee Chandler. Randy. It’s incredible what the creator Kenneth Lonergan dreamed up, and what those actors accomplished. Guys – it was just words on paper. Now, it’s a beautiful sad jewel box of fine art. It’s a mirror. It’s miraculous.

What’s the last piece of art that really made a strong impression on you? How so? And did you talk about it incessantly to anyone that would listen to you? Asking for a friend.

How does running without a goal distance or PR affect you? 


One thought on “Running Without Racing

  1. I ran my first race at 46, 23 years after I first started running … so for me, races, paces, distances, and so on have never had that allure. I will race, but it will never be a priority.

    As it is I consider it a victory that I have been using a GPS watch all winter so far here in upstate NY 🙂 Normally I just stick to the same couple of routes and add it up manually!

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