That Ol’ Cape Magic: A Run-Filled, Fun-Filled Weekend

Friday night Chatham band concert

Please summer, never leave me!  I can’t bear to see you go!

I brought the kids down to the Cape this weekend to visit my mom, and wouldn’t you know it, Sunday morning there was a perceptible shift in the atmosphere. My mom noticed it. My kids noticed it. The air had a distinctly fall-like zip to it.

So before summer goes away completely, I had to share some beautiful pictures that I took of my favorite summertime run in West Dennis, Cape Cod, a place I happily call my second home. It’s the very best kind of second home because I do not own the house or pay the taxes. My mom does. Details, details…

Anyway, I’ve been fortunate enough to go to the Cape every summer for as many years as I am old. And now my kids are falling in love with with the place too, and that is a pleasure to behold.

The West Dennis Beach is a little over a mile from my mom’s house. The beach itself is a mile long. It’s a runner’s paradise with salty breezes and views of the ocean, vast stretches of sea grass, dunes, kite surfers, the Bass River, boats, and waterfront homes. You can tick off the life guard chairs as you make your way to the end.  I highly recommend it.  Here I am, moseying down the  beach on Saturday:


The beach ends at the mouth of the Bass River, where there’s a boater’s hangout and a spectacularly long jetty that breaks the surf. It’s enough to capture any little kid’s imagination.  Here’s the view looking down the river, away from the ocean (jetty not pictured): img_3710




You can just make out Windmill Beach on the far side of the river, in South Yarmouth.

This is about 2.5 miles into the run and also the turn around point, unless you want to take a dip and brave the current, of course.






But West Dennis has more sights to offer before heading home. I like to loop past the Sand Bar and Lighthouse Inn, two establishments that really epitomize Ol’ Cape Cod. Check out the gorgeous marsh seen from Lower County Road:

All in all, it’s a near perfect 5 mile run.

Icing on the cake?

Both of my kids were still napping when I got back. On Saturday the running gods were smiling kindly on me, my friends. Here’s a recap, courtesy of my trusty Garmin:

Are you having trouble letting the summer go?

Where’s your favorite place to run?

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