7/31 Marshfield Duxbury Sprint Tri Recap

Sprint triathlons are so much fun. That is all. Thanks for reading. 

No… Just kidding. I have lots and lots to say about last weekend’s race! It’s true, though. If I was footloose and fancy free I would sign up for a million of these things, June through September. They are THAT much fun. But, alas, once (or maybe twice?) a summer is all my poor husband can probably manage with a smile.

As it is, we had to drag the kids out of bed and strap them into their carseats at the godawful hour of 5:30am in order for us to to get to Marshfield on time for me to meet my Tri Friend (another mommy of two), check in, and set up my transition station.

This was not my first sprint tri, but it was my first in 9 years (!). Fortunately my ol’ Tri Friend was gracious enough to catch me up to speed on what’s changed in the intervening years. Answer is, not much – except for our bodies and split times!

me and Tri Friend.

I was pleased with the overall weather on race morning. Overcast and low eighties meant my husband wasn’t going to be totally uncomfortable, and the kids wouldn’t need to be lathered in SPF 50. These are things tri mommies worry about (in addition to a flattering wet suit, not drowning, chafing, tire pressure… socks or no socks?).

The biggest surprise for me was the swim. I remember the quarter mile open water swim as fun and a little thrilling… 9 years ago.  Well 36-year-old me was not so much thrilled as slightly panicked by the rolling waves and constricting wet suit and the orange buoy that did not seem to get closer everytime I lifted my head out of the water. At one point I rolled over on my back with my heart racing, looked up at the gray sky and thought, “what the hell have I gotten myself into?” I knew I was getting out of that water only one of two ways; either under my own power or being dragged. That visual was enough to get me moving. And in the end, my split time of 10 minutes was pretty average for my division.

This is when things got interesting.  My stop over in the transition area took a little longer than average. More like twice as long. I don’t know what I was doing, but apparently it did not involve rushing.


I may or may not have lost my race-issued velcro ankle timer in the folds of my wetsuit, only to realize it right before hopping on my bike… I’ll never tell! The bike was a largely flat and speedy 11 mil around scenic Marshfield. Competitors really spread out, too, so it was low stress.

The final leg of the race was 3 mi out and back on the beach. The sand was not exactly what I would call packed, but it wasn’t too loose, either. I felt very comfortable thanks to the trail running I’ve been doing.  However, very few competitors if any were prepared for the lack of a beach one mile down the sand. Sure enough, hightide met the seawall at the same time the majority of participants were making their way down the beach. Sloshing through the tide was amusing to me but I saw a lot of grimacing faces, too.  This is certainly something the race director Bill Burnett of Streamline Events must have foreseen. I’m not so sure what that says about his organization. Tri Friend was not amused, that’s for sure.

Seeing my kids at the finish was a treat. Unlike a marathon or even a half, I was not so exhausted or spent that I couldn’t swing them around for big hugs. As a mom with a young family and hard-working husband, I feel a lot of guilt when my activities take me away from my family or overly burden and stress them out. But on Sunday they were all smiles and it wasn’t even 9:30am yet!  Dunkin’ Donuts for everyone! Hooray!

Even still, I got the hairy eyeball from husband when I told him I could do a MILLION of these….



One thought on “7/31 Marshfield Duxbury Sprint Tri Recap

  1. great recap and congrats on completing another triathlon…brought back a few memories of some sprint tri’s I did a couple years back and I can totally relate to the fear of the OWS, but mine were in lakes so I didn’t have the ocean waves to contend with, not so sure I could have survived…I was pretty certain I wasn’t making it out of the water! Love the WTF on the transition splits but awesome job…congrats!!


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