Getting Lost and Finding Yourself

The road in to Whip Hill Park

Appreciate what’s around you.

Tonight I tackled Whip Hill Park again, the aforementioned “inscrutable woods.” And yes, in keeping with custom, I got lost. But this time I had the presence of mind to summon Google Maps on my iPhone and find my way out without wasting time or compromising my run. So progress. That’s progress.

It was very cool. Dappled light of dusk. Rustling leaves. The crunch of gravel. I felt bouncy, not just in step but in mood as well. The word “bouncy” rolled through my mind over and over as I bounded down the trails,  or muscled up steeper sections. I covered several miles in a winding loop and saw just one other person the entire time. This still boggles me. Such a cool trail system and it’s starting to feel like my personal playground.

I clocked my fifth and last mile under 8:30 without noticing it. Okay, lots of downhills – you got me. But, still. It’s nice to end any run – especially a mid-week hump day run – on a high note.


Hitting the trail

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