Switching It Up.

I’ve switched up my workouts and logged fewer miles this past week. Saturday’s blistering heat was manageable because I only ran as far the Y for a weight training and ply-o workout. It felt good to be sore in different places on Sunday, which was pock marked by thunderstorms. As if struck by inspiration, I drove over to the Reading Y and did 35 minutes of lap swimming in the indoor pool. The change in routine really energized me. I forgot how exhausting swimming can be. I really got the sense that if I incorporate swims into my routine more regularly I will really strengthen my lower back.

Monday could have been a rest day, but I was restless as opposed to restful. I broke out of the house for a run at 4pm, ensuring a sweaty (but sporty?) arrival at day care for evening pick up.  Contrary to my expectations, the run didn’t go so well. Sometimes in my mind’s eye I see myself powerfully charging off, feeling fired up and unstoppable. Sometimes that image is enough to carry me through a challenging workout.  But on this day, the sun was beating down on me and I barely managed to eke out 4 miles averaging 9;30. As I neared home, I thought to myself that it might be the swimming in addition to the heat that left me feeling fatigued so soon into my run. Swimming seems to have a way of raising your heart rate without you actually noticing the exertion. This was also the fourth consecutive day of working out.

I think the restlessness I was feeling may have been mental. I knew on Monday that it would be difficult if not impossible for me to work out for the next few days because of work schedules and kid duties. Sure, I could set the alarm and get  up at 5am to hit the streets, but as much as I’d like to be that girl, I’ve never been that girl. I’ve tried to be that girl. And I know that. Why not push myself on Monday rather than set myself up for failure during the week? And sure enough, it’s Wednesday night and I haven’t worked out since.

I don’t know if it’s healthy to compensate for your own tendencies and quirks, or if it’s better to refuse to accept perceived weaknesses. When do you know when to push yourself, and when do you accept yourself as you are?



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