The Vermont City Marathon was this Sunday May 29, 2016 and I did not finish.  After 4 long months of training I did not finish.  At 36 years of age with an amazing and supportive husband and two beautiful and bright children as cheerleaders, I did not finish.

Yes, there was the heat. Yes, I had been sick. Yes, my bad left hip was complaining. Yes, my right knee was throbbing. But these are not the reasons I did not finish.

The reasons why I did not finish are why I started this blog.


4 thoughts on “DNF.

  1. I trained for my first marathon and did not even get to the start line. It’s humbling, embarrassing, and defeating. The good news is that there are always more races and more opportunities. I am now training for my fourth. Did you decide to do another one?

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    1. Hi! Thanks for reading! That’s awesome you are training for your fourth marathon. It’s not easy with little ones vying for your time, too! I’ve signed up for a sprint tri and a few trail races this summer. I think the marathon is in my future… But maybe not the very near future… Still licking my wounds! How’s your training going?


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